Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eternal Sleep

The same white walls, with long white board, facing towards us. Everything is same; the sun was bright, the mountains are still green and the roofs are still blue. This is what I see, through the big window from my class. But all that linger in my mind is the blue vast sky and those blue roof, which covers all the buildings in my college. Why are they so blue? Or is it my heart that seems so blue, which is being covered with unknown grief? May be the only difference is, I have started looking at things differently. It's strange how your perception changes just in a second. The same person standing in front of us almost everyday, looks so sad. Or is it my heart that is hurt? My fist like heart had gained few more weight and it sure feels heavy.

There is so much pain and sufferings outside my self created world and I ask myself if I could take this burden my whole life. Our life seems like a biggest secret, that god is not willing to let us know. May be there is a right time for everything and I hope my life wont be a big joke. I have always felt that our life is something more than what we have thought about or it might be something bigger than anyone could have thought about. Humans are filled with flaws, may be that is the reason why we are far from the truth. The truth about our life.
As Auden states in one of his poem "Not universal love but to be loved alone." How realistically it explains, that people wants to be loved but do not care enough to love others. Selfish and self centered would describe those people at the best. May be they are no different than what we are, after all we belong to same human kind.
I have known that the feelings never remain same and it is expected to change sooner or later. And so is the perception, which keeps on fluctuating. We can see how bad we humans are being cursed and still wanting to live in this world by forcefully blindfolding our own eyes. World is being filled with so much disgrace and grief because of our ignorance. And this planet is the only shelter that i have till my eyes go through the eternal sleep.

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