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Little research on North Korea

North Korean children suffering from Malnutrition.  
North Korea ruled by Kim Jong Il, usually addressed as the “son of god” by the North Koreans. They worship Kim ll sung, the founder of North Korea, who is addressed as the “god”. Juche is not only the theory to rule the people but also the only religion in North Korea. The communist state ruled by present leader Kim Jong Il and heir to the throne, his son Kim Jong Un. It is compulsory for the citizens to hang portrait of these three people in their houses and to worship only them. 
The North Korean have personally bitter feelings for the Americans soldiers. Small children merrily sings a song of killing an American soldiers and pictures them begging for mercy. We can see that these people are filled with vengeful attitude. Most of the North Koreans are filled with poisonous thoughts and feelings against most of the countries around the world. What if love could rule over their hates? What if the children are given the times of their childhood? What if forgiveness was used in place of revenge? What if we lived as brothers and sisters in the name of the father above, who created us from his own image? So many questions but none are answered.
To cover up some of the history of North Korea: Korea was under Japanese rule for 35years (1910-1945). People were killed brutally and heaps of bloody conspiracies are found in the history. Thousands of stories are buried within the people’s grave. Some stories were unheard and some unbearable to be heard. After the war ended in August 1945, the future of Korea was still not decided. Thus, the Soviet Union (Russia) occupied the northern half of Korea, stopping at the 38 parallel as per the agreement with the United States. However, the capital Seoul was under Americans control. Forty years before, Japan and Russia had discussed sharing Korea along the same parallel because it divided the country in equal two half. May be the fate of Korea was to be finally divided into two halves. With distrust growing rapidly between the United States and Soviet Union, no agreement was reached on how to reconcile the two half of Korea. North Korea remained as the communist and South Korea as Democratic, these are some reasons which swept in a lot of hatred among the citizen of the two half of Korea. North Korea has bitter feelings toward U.S, this is because U.S backed up South Korea to fight against North Korea and also, U.S was involved in the division of Korea. There are many reasons from different people with their own experience and explanation.
With a study of the history, my mind is filled with my own answers too. The North Korea is being ruled by a dictator and the dictatorial power over the people has forced to grow a seed of hatred against the other half of Korea and the U.S in particular. They have become heartless, whose heads are filled with just one word “REVENGE”. Nor the country has a religion nor did they let anyone worship other gods, other than the leaders in North Korea. How can people compare gods with an ordinary man like us? The words like God and son of god are technically applied on the leaders, which is a real protest against the law of nature and directly to our creator too.
North Korea is one of the top prosecutors of Christianity in the world. It was said that a former Gugkabowibu police official who became disappointed and fled to China and then to South Korea, reported that North Korean officials are anxious to catch Christianity believers because they fear "Christianity will defeat Juche.” It was hard to read those stories of the people who worshiped Christ, they were crushed under the steamrollers and however, the death was only their destiny. Eighteen years old girl and sixty years old man, a father and a daughter was shot in front of the public because they worshiped Christ. Most of them who have fled to china go back to their country as evangelism after hearing the gospel of Christ. They were also killed brutally and some were starved to death in the far away concentration camp. For how long they will shed the bloods of those innocents? We humans have let the devils to dwell in our minds and letting ourselves astray from god’s will. His plan for us is something big and great beyond our imagination, which cannot be stopped by anything. Death is the same destination we all humans share in common. Can those people, who have stained their hands from the bloods of innocents will be able to defend themselves before god after death? What reasons they will give for treating innocent people brutally? All that is left is to feel, the power of repentance by forgiving one another and creating a bigger room for love. We are born of God’s will and shall everyone be saved in his name.
“No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in him: he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God.” - 1John: 3: 10
Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2011.

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