Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love for the rain drops..

A place so cold in winter; rains a lot in summer and leaches are quite common. Under the dzongkhag of Chukha there is this place called Tala, where only few hundred people lives. A pleasant summer came with a farewell to dry and cold winter. The houses were built alongside the road, which is literary termed as linear settlement. The houses were built out of bamboos and looked worse than a shack. Within that line of houses, there is an old shack which was totally worn out and a blue and long synthetic plastic was covered from the top of the house with a stones holding that piece of plastic. Dophu and Zangmo have been living there for 10years. They were going through a lot of struggle and lived hand to mouth with Dophu's monthly income. They lived their life sleeping on the floor and with two pairs of clothes to wear. Dophu’s clothes were totally worn out and most of the time, he wore his gray old gho. It was torn, at some part the stitches couldn't even work.

Dophu was a bus driver and was mostly away from his home. Zangmo took care of their old shack and their only child, who was born disabled (deaf and dumb). Life seemed pretty hard for the couple, at times Zangmo cried over their pathetic condition. Zangmo had a hope that her child would look after the poor parents when he grows up. “What could be disheartening than having the only child as a disable?” she thought. The poor couple couldn’t think of having another child as they won’t be able to afford it.
Karma was 6years old; due to his disability he was always inside the house as a caged bird. Dophu and Zangmo loved him without a sense of regret. They gave him almost all they could afford; karma was given a toy truck by his father from his saving. Karma always played around with his only toy car and disturbed his mother with a roaring voice. Karma loved rain; he would always go near the window to see the rain and its drop falling on the glass.
It was 6am in the morning and Dophu was on his way from Phuntsholing to Thimphu. The summer rain once again flooded the road and caused a landslide. Thus, the buses took other way which passes through Pasakha and Tala. It was raining heavily and the drops of the rain where bouncing back and forth on the road.

Zangmo woke up as usual, she complained to herself about the rain. Karma was still sleeping then she took out her big black umbrella and was off to fetch water. She said to herself “ga day bay na nga? Chu di kham losisi yep wong”. She was thinking about water being dirty due to the rainfall, though she passed hurriedly forgetting to latch the door from outside. Zangmo was all drenched as the rain leaked through the torn umbrella. She bent down to fetch water, she hold her worn out umbrella on her left hand and supporting on her knees on the damp ground, with her right hand she was filling the jerkin / bottle. The water was dirty, and then she thought she would get water from the tap which was few minutes away from the river. As she walked through the river side, she nearly slipped into the river and her tattered umbrella was taken by the river. She dirtied her clothes and she was frustrated. After few minutes, she reached near the tap, she waited on a queue.

Back at home, Karma woke up and was looking for his mother; suddenly he saw the door was open. He was delight and went out to play and was drenched all in rain. But his blissful look and his joyful eyes reflected how happy he was to be freed.

Dophu was going through a tough time; the never ending rain was falling on the front glass of
the bus, it disturbed his sight. As the bus passed through his house, he smiled to himself and 
thought about his wife and  his son. It was for few seconds, his eyes wandered but as  he 
focused back to the road that was when Karma got hit by the bus. Dophu was still and didn't
even blink his eyes. A fear ran through his heart, he stopped the bus and rushed outside in the
rain, and saw a child drenched in a blood. Dophu looked the rain washing away the blood and he
fell on his knee and stared at his son.

When Zangmo returned by fetching some water, she saw Dophu holding Karma. They were outside their house and were soaked to the skin from head to toe. Zangmo dropped the jerkin and as the water split out, tears of disgrace drowned from Zangmo’s eyes. 

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